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Sonata for Flute and Piano (Urtext)


Sonata (Urtext) By Sergei Prokofiev, Urtext Edition By Patricia L. Harper and Hannah Porter-Occeña. 

The preparation of this Urtext score is based on the manuscript originally housed in the Glinka State Central Museum. 

This urtext publication presents the Sonata as it appears in Prokofiev's hand in the Glinka manuscript while offering a part that is well suited for performance. Corrections and  significant differences between the manuscript and this urtext edition are noted below. Dotted lines/and or brackets have been used to indicate editorial decisions. In some places such as in Measure 6 vs. Measure 127 in the Fourth Movement it is not possible to determine which is the correct sixteenth note configuration in the final beat of the right hand piano part. We have left the note differences as they appear in the ms. Finally, we have adopted consecutive measure numbering for each movement rather than the boxed sectional numbers used by Prokofiev.