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Carmen Studies Advanced Etudes Volume II


Carmen Studies Advanced Etudes Volume II,  Arranged By Sandy Kipp Iles, Published By Iles Music.  

In following the main concepts from her first volume of advanced etudes, Sandy has compiled a series of studies to help flutists with fundamental playing concepts such as: articulation, rhythm, dynamic contrast, phrasing, range, and more through learning the famous and beloved melodies from Bizet's Carmen. 

Volume II is broken up into four acts with each act containing, what could be considered, the opera's most well known numbers. With 17 etudes in all, Sandy has managed to bring this opera to life in a manageable number of studies. Similar to Volume I, she as provided the flutist with an introductions to Bizet's opera and once again 
"sets the stage" before each study. Tips are provided to the flutist regarding musical and technical aspects, such as common pitfalls, advice on intonation, alternate fingerings, breathing suggestions, rhythm and articulations exercises, and music more. 

-Sammy Holloman, The Flute View Magazine