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Don't Forget to Write (Flute Alone)


Composer: Harberg, Amanda

Don't Forget to Write (Flute Alone) by Amanda Harberg, Published by Theodore Presser Company. 

DON’T FORGET TO WRITE is a whole lot more than an engaging slow-fast recital piece. Inspired by the composer’s son heading off to college, its first movement (“Blue Skies”) is a warm expression of wistfulness, enriched by melodic phrases in major that echo back in minor. The second movement (“Flying the Coop”) bursts with adolescent exuberance, at once sounding motoric yet eluding expectations through rhythmic chicanery.

Composed as an unaccompanied competition piece for the Oklahoma Flute Society, DON’T FORGET TO WRITE is ideal for recital use, combining its musical elements with gut emotion.

A striking performance, by the Winner of the competition for which the work was written, may be heard at


Dedication: for Lucas, with love
Commissioned by the Oklahoma Flute Society.