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Mysterious Barcodes (Flute and Guitar)


Composer: Schocker, Gary

Mysterious Barcodes (Flute and Guitar) by Gary Schocker, Published by Tuscany Publications.

The composer describes the work, "The opening movement has open strings, kind of melancholy piece which feels improvised, hence title. The middle goes hoedown for awhile, and when the opening returns the rhythm underneath is a little more upbeat. Pensieroso is a thoughtful movement, as the name implies. It has a baroque feel, a modern sarabande. Friendly Ghost, mostly is a fun, more humorous piece. There are various arguments but mostly the instruments get along. There is a creepy underside, which is where I got the ghost idea from, but mostly the energy is up and out." Guitarist Jason Vieaux helped with the guitar part, as he had done with Schocker's previous flute and guitar duo, Once Upon a... (Tuscany 494-02701, $20.00), and performed the world premiere with the composer in August, 2014, as part of the Marly Music Chamber Series at the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, FL. For advanced performers.