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Lyrical Flute Legends (Studies)


Composer: North, Karen

Lyrical Flute Legends Repertoire for intermediate level flutists with piano accompaniment (Studies) Arranged By Karen North, Published by Theodore Presser Company.

Lyrical Flute Legends is an exciting collection of 20 works for flute and piano, featuring exclusively commissioned works by contemporary composers and inspiring new arrangements of 19th and 20th century compositions. Listen to the legends, discover beautiful scenes and enjoy lively dances through the alluring lyricism of this music. These exclusive commissioned works and new arrangements are suitable for intermediate level players. The flute part includes biographies of all composers and notes/ performance suggestions for each work.

All pieces in Lyrical Flute Legends have free flute and piano recordings to listen to, as well as free piano backing tracks on YouTube to play along with.

Composers: Johannes Brahms, Antonin Dvorak, Hans Engelmann, Sally Greenaway, Greg Harradine, Jolin Jiang, Scott Joplin, Elena Kats- Chernin, Toivo Kuula, Rachel Laurin, Edward MacDowell, Felix Mendelssohn, Merryl Neille, Heather Percy, Gary Schocker.


  • Contents: 20 pieces
  • Standard: Intermediate level
  • Key signatures: up to three sharps and four flats
  • Time signatures: 4/4, 3/4, 2/4, ₵, 6/8 (including mixed meter)
  • Pitch range: D below staff to G four leger lines above staff
  • Size: Flute part 44pp (includes composer biographies and performance notes); Piano score 68pp