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Festive Flute Fun


Composer: North, Karen

Festive Flute Fun By Karen North, Published by Theodore Presser Company. 

Enjoy hours of playing with this wonderful collection of 50 pieces of festive music from around the world. There are settings of both sacred and secular works.   Music is such an important part of celebrations, and this book brings you a large selection of Christmas songs and carols, as well as music to celebrate the festivals of New Year, Thanksgiving, Harvest, Halloween, Winter Carnival, Cherry Blossom Festival, Doll’s Festival, Star Festival, Hanukkah and St Nicholas Day.  

The arrangements offer maximum flexibility, with solo flute, duet and/or trio settings, and range in standard from Preliminary to Grade 4.  

FREE recordings of every piece in this collection are available on theyoungfluteplayer YouTube channel.   So come and join the celebrations with Festive Flute Fun!  


  • Contents: 51 pieces
  • Standard: Preparatory/Preliminary to Grade 4
  • Key signatures: up to three sharps/flats
  • Time signatures: 4/4, 3/4, 2/4, ₵, 6/8
  • Size: 44 pages