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Sounds Irish (Flute and Piano)


Composer: Rae, James

Sounds Irish (Flute and Piano)  By James Rae, Published By Universal Editions. 

Even St. Patrick could not escape the charm of the green island. Hardly any country appreciates its nature and cultivates its traditions more than Ireland. Irish folk music, with violin, flute, harp, guitar, drum and others is not only present in pubs, at festivals or on street corners, but has numerous international followers. With its Celtic influence, Irish Folk is characterised by its diversity. From cheerful melodies, jumping rhythms or dance-like spinning and flowing sounds reminiscent of the Celtic harp, to expressive melancholic moments, James Rae presents the whole range of the popular style in “Sounds Irish”. The ten medium-heavy duos for flute and piano gain expressiveness not least through their contrasts: passages spiced with Rubato or Accelerando, tonal contrasts such as jazz waltzes or improvised sections as well as interactions in the melodic leadership they impressively provide authentic and lively musical experiences. In addition to fresh original compositions, this volume of the World Music series also includes traditional classics such as “The Irish Washerwoman”, “The Londonderry Air” or “St. Patrick's Day”. Let yourself and your audience be enchanted by Irish charm and green-white-orange joie de vivre.