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Fantasy On La Traviata (Flute and Piano)


Composer: Verdi, Giuseppe

Fantasy On La Traviata (Flute and Piano) based on the fantasies by Emanuele Krakamp and Giulio Briccialdi, Original music by Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901), Published by Universal Edition, Edited and revised by Emanuel Pahud.

This edition of the Traviata Fantasy for flute and piano is based on two popular arrangements by the famous Italian flautists Emanuele Krakamp and Giulio Briccialdi. Both were also composers and produced numerous compositions of their own as well as arrangements of famous works by their contemporaries. Yoel Gamzou has combined both arrangements to create the orchestral version of the Fantasy on La Traviata that is also published by Universal Edition. This publication is part of The Flute Collection, which brings together a range of selected pieces from the international concert life of famous flautists, curated by internationally acclaimed flautist Emmanuel Pahud. For advanced players.