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Celtic Music - Play Along Flute


Composer: Traditional

Celtic Music - Play Along Flute

With background notes and performance suggestions, Martin Tourish introduces musicians to the world of Celtic music. The selected pieces span three centuries of music-making in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, and Brittany, but comprise only an introduction to this region. The included audio CD features full performances and play-along tracks at various tempi. Tourish encourages musicians who love Celtic music to explore further, both online and in real world gatherings of like-minded people.

Trad. Cornish: De-Sul Vyttyn
Trad. Scottish: The New Rigged Ship
Trad. Welsh: Beth yw'r Haf i Mi?
Trad. Irish: Tabhair dom do Lamh
Trad. Breton: Danse Macabre
Trad. Scottish: The Athol Highlanders
Trad. Welsh: Merch Megan
Trad. Irish: The Forgotten Highlands