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Twoseater (Piccolo/Flute and Piano)


Twoseater (Piccolo/Flute and Piano) By Tilmann Dehnhard, Published by Universal Edition.

A duet as diverse as a trip with a good or trusted friend. Funny, entertaining and spontaneous moments, as well as quiet or exciting and rocking ones, make this shared experience unforgettable. Tilmann Dehnhard‘s duet for piccolo or flute and piano takes the audience on a musical ride with a mixture of traditional and contemporary playing techniques, which are comprehensibly explained in the introduction.

The title itself shows that in a “two-seater” both partners must complement and rely well on each other. The duo has to precisely master curves, highs and lows, which are embedded in contrasting tempi, articulations, rhythms and dynamics. In a moderate level of difficulty, both instrumentalists will be able to show different sides of themselves and their instruments. Therefore, this piece is not only effective for the stage, but also impresses in competitions as a solo piece for flute with piano accompaniment. It is guaranteed that the four-minute journey will leave audiences with more than one smile on their faces.