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Basilica Deserta (Bass Flute/Flute and Piano)


Basilica Deserta (Bass Flute/Flute and Piano) By Tilmann Dehnhard, Published by Universal Edition.

Whenever Berlin flutist Tilmann Dehnhard comes up with a new composition, it is set to be a special work in terms of sound and dramatics. In this duet commissioned by the flutist and pedagogue Klaus Spors, the bass flute takes the leading role.

In 150 measures Dehnhard spices up traditional playing styles with carefully used contemporary techniques that are easy to understand and quick to put into practice. If one follows Dehnhard‘s imagination into a deserted, large church, the magic of this work can be felt in a deeply personal way. If you are not among the lucky owners of a bass flute yet, the part can alternatively be played on the C flute.