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This is our top pick for your fingers! If you are looking to really keep those fingers in shape, always while keeping the integrity of your sound, you are looking at the right book. The 17 Daily Finger Exercises are a staple that you will keep for a lifetime. 
Taffanel & Gaubert: 17 Daily Finger Exercises
This book really has it all when it comes to developing your sound! The chapters are divided into 5 different sections to help you obtain your best personal sound. 
Marcel Moyse: De La Sonorite 
If you are looking for an all encompassing book that is very intense, this book is for you. Paul Edmund Davies divides the book into different sections: Sonority, Fingers, Articulation, Intervals.  Each section begins with a forward from Paul, and has different chapters within the sections as to not overwhelm you.
Paul Edmund-Davies 28 Day Warm up
Orchestral Excerpts: Our go to. Whether you are looking for piccolo excerpts, specializing in opera excerpts, or looking for flute excerpts with a huge range, be sure to add these books to your shelf this semester. You can guarantee that you will be asked to play excerpts on most auditions, and these will help you prepare. 
Our top Etude and Study books. These will keep your fingers moving, your musicality at an all time high and help maintain your beautiful flute sound. Etudes are an amazing way of keeping your practicing focused to then be able to translate into the flute repertoire. 
Joachim Andersen Etudes
Karg-Elert 30 Studies Op. 107
Ernesto Koehler: 33 Exercises for Flute Op. 33 vol. 1
Ernesto Koehler: 33 Exercises for Flute Op. 33 vol. 2
Berbiguier 18 Exercises for Flute:
Paul JeanJean: Modern Studies for the Flute
 There is so much amazing repertoire for Flute Alone, that it's hard to pick! Listed are some basics that you should always have on hand. They will give you a foundation to  expand your flute alone repertoire! 
Telemann 12 Fantasias 
Debussy Syrinx:
C.P.E Bach Sonata in a minor
Katherine Hoover To Greet the Sun:
Eugene Bozza Image:
Our staples for Flute and Piano that should be on your back to school shelf. Sure, you might not be able to play all of these throughout the year, but you can bet that you will be hearing them on others recitals as well! Whether it be your own performance, gearing up for future performances or having the score handy to follow along, this list will help you get on your way!
Carl Nielsen Flute Concerto 
Paul Hindemith Sonate
J.S Bach Sonatas

W.A Mozart G Major Concerto
Lowell Liebermann Sonata Op. 23: