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Right now we are all spending a lot of time home. With many of our usual activities and gigs cancelled or postponed, now is the perfect opportunity to dive into studies and etudes. Listed are our top 9 books for staying in shape - even during a global pandemic.

Paul Edmund Davies - 28 Day Warm Up

This book means business! If you are looking for an all encompassing book that is very intense, this book is for you. Paul Edmund Davies divides the book into different sections: Sonority, Fingers, Articulation, Intervals.  Each section begins with a forward from Paul, and has different chapters within the sections as to not overwhelm you. I cannot recommend this book enough! 

Paul Edmund Davies - Consequence of Sequences 

If you’ve been a fan of the 28 Day warm up for a while and are looking for something new, fear not! A Consequence of Sequences is in a similar style to the 28 Day Warm up, but offers new and refreshing ideas. Paul writes "this book aims to provide an opportunity to work on demanding technical issues, in bite-sized and manageable segments." 

This book (although still challenging) is a little less of a mouthful than the 28 Day warm up. 

Karg Elert - 30 Studies. Op. 107. 

These short exercises are perfect for those who don't want to commit. Each study is a mini piece in itself.  They are a standard set of technical, dynamic, and phrasing exercises that'll keep you learning! 

Taffanel & Gaubert - 17 Daily Finger Exercises 

Truly one of the staples in flute technique repertoire. The name says it all: Daily Finger Exercises. If you are looking to really get those fingers in shape, always while keeping the integrity of your sound, you are looking at the right book! 

Benoit Tranquille Berbiguier - 18 Exercises

The Berbiguier Exercises are very fun to play and keep the fingers moving! These 18 exercises take you through a range of keys and begin at an intermediate level. These studies are a favorite of mine to go back to when I haven’t touched an etude in a while ;)

Joachim Andersen - 24 Artistic Studies, Op. 15

Out of the many Andersen Etudes to choose from, this is definitely the fan favorite. These difficult exercises are a necessary part of the flute etude repertoire. 

Elsa Nilsson -  Between the Beats 

If you're specifically looking to improve your rhythm, Elsa Nilsson's book is for you! Her unique and contemporary approach to rhythm is sure to help you strengthen your relationship with rhythm in every capacity.

Marcel Moyse - De La Sonorite

The tone book goddess, this book really has it all when it comes to developing your sound! The chapters are divided into 5 different sections to help you obtain your best personal sound. Timbre and homogeneity of tone in the 3 registers , Suppleness of tone (especially in the low register) , Attacking and slurring notes,  Fullness of tone , Management of tone in interpretation. This book is a MUST! 

Trevor Wye - Practice Books for Flute Omnibus Edition  vol. 1-6

Another amazing comprehensive  book! The Omnibus editions contains Trevor Wyes six volumes of practice books for the flute. All books together form a complete reference to overcome technical difficulties, intonation, breathing and more. What’s so great about this book is that it is suitable for amateurs through professionals! Trevor Wye’s personal commentaries make you feel like he is there helping you learn.