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Meditation From The Opera 'Thais' (Flute and Piano) By Jules Massenet, Arranged by Paul Taffanel
This piece is considered to be one of the world’s greatest encore pieces– and for a good reason! It’s been transcribed for almost every instrument, and is loved by flutists because it really shows off the beauty of the flute in the middle and high registers. I regard this to be one of my personal favorites because it was a piece my grandparents used to play recordings to me of. It’s a wonderful way to end a recital with something gorgeous, sweet, and meditative.


Après un Rêve, Op. 7, No. 1 (Flute and Piano)  By Gabriel Faure 
    My former flute teacher Trudy Kane introduced this piece to me for the first time and since then it’s always remained dear to my heart. I consider it to be among one of the best encore pieces of all time for us because it shows off the lyrical range of our instrument so well – the luscious sounds of the flute in the low register and the glorious sounds of the high register. The title as well translates to “After a Dream”, and isn’t that the perfect way to end your recital performance?
      The Encore Solo (Flute Alone) By Matthieu Andre Reichert, Arranged by Jasmine Choi
        If you’re looking for an option for flute alone, this is the one for you! Jasmine Choi arranged this fun, adorable (and honestly, magical) solo for encore purposes. It’s a challenge as well, and a virtuosic one at that! This encore is sure  to keep the audience at their toes until the very end of your recital. 
          Entr'acte (Flute And Harp) or (Flute and Guitar) or (Flute and Piano) By Jacques Ibert  
            I’ve chosen to play this piece as an encore before, and I would do it again! It is such a fun way to end a recital. I love the interactive moments between the flute and the accompaniment. It makes the end of your recital as more of a duet and you both get to show off! Another great thing about this piece is that you have a couple options - you can program it with flute and harp, flute and guitar, or flute and piano as well. I’d suggest this option if you’re looking to end your recital with something more fast paced and extravagant!



              Double Espresso! An Encore for Flute and Piano (Flute and Piano) By Carter Pann
              This one is an absolute show stopper -- it's the way to go if you want to end your recital with something different. It’s fun, virtuosic, and an absolute whirlwind! You’re bound to get a crowd filled with standing ovations after this one ;)