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Two Flutes and Piano

Maya By Ian Clarke

A beautiful and flowy piece that evokes a dreamy landscape for the audience, Maya challenges the duo to match their articulation styles precisely, and even includes some extended techniques! 

Flute and Strings

Rising By Joan Tower

Written for Carol Wincenc, this piece for flute and string quartet is compelling, strong, and mesmerizing. It is soloistic for the flute, yet also very balanced for the quintet. Perfect for the edgy flutist. 

Flute and Winds

Wind Quintet By Carl Nielsen

Challenging yet playful and quirky. Nielsen wrote this quintet for his friends and with each of their personalities and relationships in mind. An extremely fun piece to play for any woodwind quintet.

Flute and percussion

Flutings for Paula By Leon Kirchnew

A revision of the solo piece for Paula Robison, Fluting. This piece emcompasses beauty, longing, questioning and mystery. A five minute duo that is sure to give you all the feels.

Flute and Harp

Sonata for flute, viola and harp By Claude Debussy

This trio is the only chamber music we have from Debussy, and we’re so grateful for it. A perfect example of impressionistic exoticism, Debussy creates lovely colors with each instrument.

Flute and Electronics

Vermont Counterpoint by Steve Reich

Technically, this piece can be played with tape or large flute ensemble, but we’ve also seen a solo flutist record all of the 10+ flute parts (doubling piccolo and alto flute) and play the solo part with themself (x10!) Now that is a project for a tech-saavy flutist. 

Flute and Guitar

Histoire du tango By Astor Piazzolla

A classic in any flutist’s repertoire, but we couldn’t resist putting this piece on our list! This is our favorite version of Histoire du tango- we can’t get enough of the percussive sounds of the guitar. 

Flute and Jazz Piano trio

Suite no. 2 By Claude Bolling 

We all know of Bolling’s Suite no.1, but Suite no. 2 is just as great. It’s fast tempo requires quick fingers, but those who dare to take it on will love this joy-ride of a piece!


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