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The Flutists' Repertoire: Selected Pieces for Recreation and Recital (Flute and Piano)


Composer: Thomas, Judith

The Flutist' Repertoire: Selected Pieces for Recreation and Recital, Arranged for Flute and Piano by Judith Thomas, Published by Southern Music Company.

  • Rustic Song, Scheherazade (Schumann)
  • From Uncle Remus, In Autumn (Macdowell)
  • The Adieu, Faith (Mendelssohn)
  • Allegro in Eb (Beethoven)
  • At The Fireside, Strange Man (Schumann)
  • At an Old Trysting Place (Macdowell)
  • Tarantella (Mendelssohn)
  • Largo (Bach,JS)
  • The Joyous Peasant (Mendelssohn)
  • Mazurka, Mazurka (Chopin)
  • Nina (Pergolesi)
  • Confidence, Sighing Wind (Mendelssohn)
  • Vocalise (Rachmaninoff)
  • Important Event, Playing Tag (Schumann)
  • Scherzo & Trio (Beethoven)
  • Menuetto, Allegro in g (Mozart)
  • Harvest Song (Schumann)
  • Pleading Child (Schumann)
  • To A Water Lily (Macdowell)
  • Evening Star (Mendelssohn)
  • Danse Lente, Adagio (Franck)
  • Humoresque Op79a#2 (Reger)
  • Spring Song (Mendelssohn)
  • Allegro in d (Scarlatti)
  • The Flatterer (Chaminade)
  • Andantino (Rimsky-Korsakov)