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24 Artistic Studies, Op. 15 (Studies and Etudes)


24 Artistic Studies, Op. 15 (Studies and Etudes) by Joachim Andersen (1847-1909), Published by Carl Fischer, Includes flute part only.

Any flutist who is serious about the study of the flute will have at some point encountered the etudes by Joachim Andersen. At the early stages of study, these etudes can feel overwhelming and perhaps beyond the grasp of a young flutist. Part of the obstacle with these etudes is that the student often fails to understand the musical, or expressive, value of these works. While the young student will approach these etudes as technical studies, a more mature flutist will often return to these studies with a deeper appreciation of them as masterpieces of musical expression, and will occasionally even program Andersen Etudes as recital pieces.

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