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Autumn Vespers (Flute Choir)


Autumn Vespers (Flute Choir) by Alexandra Molnar-Suhajda, Published by Alry Publications.

A gorgeous composition from Alexandra Molnar-Suhajda which features the entire range of the flute choir.

2012 NFA Newly Published Music Competition - Winner

Performance duration (approx): 12'

Difficulty guide: 8

Part 1: Piccolo
Part 2: Flute
Part 3: Flute
Part 4: Flute
Part 5: Flute
Part 6: Alto Flute
Part 7: Alto Flute
Part 8: Bass Flute
Part 9: Harp Piano
Part 10 (Optional): Contr'alto Flute
Part 11 (Optional): Contrabass Flute
Part 12: Sub-Contrabass Flute in G