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Animal Flute Duets (Two Flutes)


Composer: Sanders, Diana
For Beginner To Intermediate Flutists With Play-Along Cd Diana Sanders & Pete Regan Full Score - Study Performing Ensemble: Flute Duet Instrumentation: 2 Flutes

Falls House Press proudly presents Animal Flute Duets, a series of modern, themed compositions for two flutes, with flute parts written by UK composer/music teacher Diana Sanders and accompaniments written by UK composer/guitarist/bassist Pete Regan. Each piece captures the spirit of the animal for which it is named, and focuses on a different musical aspect, such as slurring, staccato, triplets, tuning, trills, and ornaments. Animal Flute Duets contains 15 pieces in all, with titles like "Racehorses," "Deer and Fawn," and "The Crocodiles." The book also includes a CD containing full performance tracks, individual flute parts, and guitar and keyboard accompaniments for each piece. For beginning to intermediate players.