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Sextet (Woodwind Sextet)


Composer: Schocker, Gary

Sextet (Woodwind Sextet) by Gary Schocker, Published by Falls House Press.
For Flute, Oboe, Clarinet in B-Flat, Bassoon, Horn in F & Piano

Schocker's Sextet was written for and dedicated to Jenny Cline (flute) and the Monmouth Winds, who premiered the work in 2014. The Sextet, Cline writes, "sounds at times delicate and intimate and at other times almost orchestral." A March 2015 performance by Monmouth Winds is available on YouTube. The five elemental movements are 1. Earth, 2. Fire, 3. Wind, 4. Water, and 5. Ether, In Memory. For advanced performers.