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One Ann Arbor Morn (Three Flutes)


Composer: Cohen, Jonathan

One Ann Arbor Morn (Three Flutes) by Jonathan Cohen (b. 1954), written for C flute, Alto Flute, and Bass (or Contrabass) Flute. Published by Falls House Press, Includes flute parts and full score. 

ONE ANN ARBOR MORN is a quaintly touching suite of scenes from the composer's childhood, scored for the rich and rare trio instrumentation of C Flute, Alto Flute, and Bass (or Contra). I. Through the Arbor is a bucolic recollection of trees, parks, and rivers. II. Morningtide Promise begins with an Alto solo; it is a sunny weekend when life was simple. III. Agent McSquirrel and the New Feeder Caper is not only the scherzo suggested by its playful title, but a steamy flute trio tinged with the film noir jazz suggesting detectives investigating the latest burglary caper.