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The Technique of the Flute (Jazz)


Composer: Viola, Joseph

The Technique of the Flute (Jazz) by Joseph Viola, Published by Berklee Press. 

Learn to play jazz harmonies and rhythms on the flute. This book combines Joe Viola's two classic texts of the Technique of the Flute series: “Chord Studies” and “Rhythm Studies.” You will learn melody, harmony, rhythm and improvisation techniques. In “Chord Studies” you will practice jazz harmonies and scales. In “Rhythm Studies” you will practice rhythms in simple and compound meters, with a variety of articulations, dynamics and phrase structures.

“There's obviously a lifetime of experience between the covers of this book! What an amazing resource for any jazz flute student seriously considering a career as a professional jazz musician. It provides a truly comprehensive method for internalizing every aspect of the jazz vocabulary, leading the student from the practice room to the stage. A jazz version of Hindemith's Elementary Training for Musicians, this is ear training at its highest level. Highly recommended!” – Ali Ryerson, Jazz Flutist, Recording Artist, Composer, Educator, and Author of Jazz Flute Practice Method

“Joe Viola was a great saxophone, flute, clarinet, and double reed player. I still practice from Joe's flute books to help keep my technique and sound consistent. This edition has valuable exercises that cover the low, medium, and high range and will help overcome many difficulties flute players may encounter. Its exercises will prepare you to be proficient in any style of music. It is a must for flute players and flute doublers.” – Ed Tomassi, Professor, Berklee College of Music

“Joe Viola's contributions to woodwind and jazz education have been profound. These two excellent methods provide a range of techniques, from the fundamental to advanced. He addresses the elements of both rhythm and harmony with his trademark intuitive, thorough, and clear presentations. So useful and essential to the contemporary flutist! Bravo for acknowledging these, Berklee Press!” – Jim Odgren, Professor, Woodwind Department, Berklee College of Music

“Joe Viola was a brilliant musician and theorist, and among the greatest educators I've ever known. The exercises and methodology presented here have played a foundational role in Berklee's Woodwind Department for decades. Generations of flute players have used them to develop their overall technique and to improve their improvisations. I'm so pleased that we are rereleasing the two volumes in this new edition, as Joe originally intended them.” – Bill Pierce, Chair of the Woodwind Department, Berklee College of Music