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Flute Methods, Studies, and Ensembles: The Ultimate Collection (CD Sheet Music)


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Flute Methods, Studies, and Ensembles: The Ultimate Collection (CD Sheet Music)

This collection makes available fourteen essential flute methods, studies and exercises, as well as over 150 works for flute duos, trios and quartets by over 30 composers from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Methods, Studies & Exercises include: Altus (Method for the Boehm Flute, 26 Selected Studies), J.S. Bach (24 Flute Concert Studies), Andersen (24 Etudes, Op. 33), Gariboldi (20 Studies, Op. 132, 30 Easy & Progressive Studies), Hughes (24 Studies, Op. 32/75), Karg-Elert (30 Studies, Op. 107); Kohler (25 Romantic Etudes, Op. 66, 20 Easy Melodic Progressive Exercises, Op. 93), Reichert (7 Daily Exercises, Op. 5), Wagner (Flute Studies in Old & Modern Styles)

Duets, Trios & Quartets include: W.F. Bach (6 Duets), de la Barre(Prelude), Beethoven (Allegro & Mineut), Berbiguier (Six Duets, Op. 59), Boismortier, Bordet (Timbourins), Briccaldi (Eight Duos, Op. 132), Chinzer/Bordet (The Hunt), Devienne (6 Duets, Op. 82), Dietter(Romance), Finger Fugue), Furstenau (6 Duets, Op. 137), Gariboldi (Six Easy Duets), Hotteterre (Les Fargis sur les delices), Hugot/Wunderlich (Four Duets), Koechlin (Sonata for Two Flutes), Kohler (Forty Progressive Duets), Kuhlau (Three Brilliant Duos, Op. 81 & 102, Three Grand Duets, Op. 39, Three Grand Trios, Op. 86), Kummer (Trio, Op. 24)), de Lasso (Two Fantasies), Legoux/Bordet (Musette), Le Loup (Sarabande), Loeillet (Sonata in E minor & Sonata in G minor for two flutes & piano), Mozart (3 Duets, Op. 156 & 157), Naudot (Gavotte), Quantz (Three Duets, Op. 2), Reicha (Sinfonico for Four Flutes), Soussman (Twelve Duets, Op. 53), Stamitz (Three Duets, Op. 27), Sweelinck (Duo), Telemann (Sonata in E major, Sonata in A major for two flutes & piano), Tulou (Three Easy Duets, Op. 102 & 103)