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Modern Orchestral Studies for Flute – Vol. 2


Composer: Collection

Modern Orchestral Studies for Flute Volume 2 (Reference Work, Studies/Etudes, Orchestral Excerpts), Published by Schott (Hal Leonard), Edited by Karlheinz Zoller, Includes 1 soft-cover book, 54 pages. Written in 1971.

"The need has long been felt for orchestral studies compiled from the standard works of the twentieth century, for the difficulties these works present require a technique and a sense of tone and rhythm that cannot be acquired by the practice of well known studies selected from the classical and romantic repertoire." - From the foreword by Karlheinz Zoller

Contents Include: 

Debussy, Three Nocturnes
Debussy, Jeux
Ravel, Ma Mere L'oye
Ravel, Alborada del Gracioso
Stravinsky, Pulcinella Suite
Stravinsky, Le Baiser de la Fee (The Fairy's Kiss)
Stravinsky, Capriccio
Stravinsky, Jeu de Cartes
Stravinsky, Concerto in Es "Dumbarton Oaks"
Stravinsky, Symphony in C
Stravinsky, Symphony in Three Movements
Stravinsky, Agon
Prokofiev, Classical Symphony
Schonberg, Pierrot Lunaire
Schonberg, Variations for Orchestra
Kodaly, "Der Pfau"
Kodaly, Variations on Hungarian Folksongs
Hindemith, Concerto for Orchestra
Hindemith, Philharmonic Concerto
Hindemith, Symphonia Serena
Hartmann, Symphony #2
Hartmann, Symphony #3
Hartmann, Symphonia Concertante
Blacher, Concertante Music for Orchestra
Boulez, Le Marteau sans Maitre