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The Piccolo Intonation Book


Composer: Lupo, Stephanie
The Piccolo Intonation Book by Stephanie Lupo, Published by Alry Publications.

In the last thirty years, flutists have begun to recognize the piccolo as a solo instrument and not just a flutist’s accessory. Many players were not formally taught piccolo lessons and feel uncomfortable teaching it themselves. However, flutists are realizing the importance of playing the piccolo well, not only for improving their flute skills, but also for developing their careers.

The Piccolo Intonation Book immediately becomes a sacred piccolo text. Adapted from Lupo's doctoral thesis, it contains 39 etudes on every note the piccolo can reach (from low C# - yes! - to the piccolo's fourth-octave E), along with suggested fingerings, including ones to lower or raise the pitch. Essentially, these etudes allow you to map and compensate for you and your instrument's pitch tendencies.

The Piccolo Intonation Book also explores the recent history of piccolo pedagogy. While the piccolo is similar to the flute, it is necessary to understand the differences in order to ascertain the characteristics and beauty of the piccolo. This book examines specific facets of piccolo design and performance while demystifying intonation, the most notoriously difficult aspect of playing the instrument.

Additional features include care instructions and an extensive regular and alternate fingering chart for the piccolo. With a better understanding of the instrument, piccoloists will overcome their fears and find more joy in their piccolo playing, paving the way for fellow musicians and audiences to love it too