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Dragon Court (Flute Choir)


Katherine Hoover
Score and Part(s)
Performing Ensemble: Flute Ensemble. Concertante "Dragon Court" by Katherine Hoover
Scored for Solo C Flute (doubling on Piccolo), 2 Solo C Flutes, Solo Alto Flute, 8 C Flutes (4 parts divisi), 2 Alto Flutes, 2 Bass Flutes and optional Contrabass Flute.
The Concertante is in three movements and features a different number of soloists in each movement, accompanied by a larger ensemble of C flutes, alto, bass, and optional contrabass flutes. The first movement is rather syncopated, with numerous voices moving at a lively clip. The second has a low melody which moves against soft, opposing triads, and moves toward a climax of chords rising together like a wind. The last movement features a repeating pattern of seven with playful riffs answering back and forth above it.