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Flute Obbligatos Vol. 2 (Flute and Piano)


Flute Obbligatos Vol. 2 (Flute and Piano) by  Johann Sebastian Bach, Arranged by Elisabeth Parry and John Alley, Published by  Aurea Capra Editions.
Bach’s glorious flute obbligatos are entwined with the vocal lines of some of his greatest arias. In this edition of six cantata obbligatos, the keyboard arrangements provide a sensitive reduction of the full score, including voice parts. These obbligato arrangements can be performed as pieces in their own right for concert or worship, or can be used in preparation for full performance. Backing tracks available at A440 and A415 making this an indispensable volume for players of both modern and traverse flute.
Accompaniments at A440 and A415 available to download at
  • Wer Gott bekennt (BWV 45)
  • Betörte Welt (BWV 94)
  • Die Obrigkeit ist Gottes Gabe (BWV 119)
  • Lass, O Welt, mich aus Verachtung (BWV 123)
  • Leget euch dem Heiland unter (BWV 182)
  • Frohe Hirten, eilt, ach eilet (BWV 248)

Collection, Score and Parts