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Hasta La Raíz (Solo Alto Flute)


Hasta La Raíz (Solo Alto Flute) by Alyssa Mercedes Mena, Published by Coleman Page Publications.

Duration: ~10 minutes

Hasta La Raíz translates to “Down to the Roots”. This 6-movement work by Alyssa Mercedes Mena was written during the isolation period of the pandemic and gives an introspective glimpse into the composer’s life through Cuban-inspired dancing rhythms and melodic passages.  For advanced players.


  1. El baile del progreso - The dance of progress
  2. El amor que siempre se queda contigo - The love that is always with you
  3. La ansiedad de convertirse en uno mismo - The anxiety of becoming one’s self
  4. La fragilidad de las decisiones - The fragility of making decisions
  5. La aventura del crecimiento - The adventure of growing up
  6. Vivir en cada momento - To live in every moment